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Portrait of Nick de Bruijn | Photography, Cinematography and Webdesign
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Welcome to this portfolio website. My name is Nick de Bruijn and I'm a Dutch photographer, videographer and (web) designer.

About six years ago I started photography. I mainly shot pictures of my kitesurfing friends. About two years after I started photography I decided to study at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. There I learned a lot about composition, analog photography and how to look at your environment before taking a picture. Especially Klaas Sans, former assistant to Henry Cartier-Bresson, was a huge inspiration to me.

After my first year at the Photo Academy I decided that I could learn more in the field than in school. I started working as a freelance photographer. Most of my assignments came from the kitesurf industry. This allowed me to travel the world together with some of my best friends. I've been all over the world: most parts of Europe, Thailand, Egypt, South Africa, and even China.

When the first video DSLR's came out I knew I had to learn how to shoot video. After just 1 month of practice I got my first assignment for a video shoot. The result was a 6 minute action video called Code White. Soon after my first video I started to combine photography with cinematography. I shot both video and photos on trips.

Because my progression in photography and cinematography was slow I decided to go back to school in 2010. Since then I've been studying for my bachelor of Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) at the University of Amsterdam. My focus has shifted from just photography and cinematography to all sorts of digital design. I'm learning more and more about concept development, graphic design and web design every day. I try to improve my work a little bit every day.

Other than my work as a designer, I want to focus on helping young athletes out with a Blog/portfolio website and photo and video shoots. If you are an upcoming athlete and you are looking for someone to sponsor you with digital media please contact me and we'll see what we can do!

On this site you can find a small selection of my work. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

Nick de Bruijn Kitesuring in Noordwijk

Nick de Bruijn kiting with his Speed 3 21m2 sponsored by Flysurfer - Picture by Frits Houwaart